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Chinese (Cantonese) Immersion Program



When the Chinese Immersion students complete their coursework, they are expected to:

  • be proficient in both Chinese and English
  • have the ability to understand and appreciate Chinese culture
  • acquire communication skills in both languages
  • meet all high school graduation requirements
  • be close to a minor in Language




Both Chinese and English are used to access the core curriculum. Specific instructional strategies are used to ensure development of English language proficiency and similar instructional support is provided to English proficient students for the acquisition of Chinese.




9th Grade
Algebra 1 in Cantonese
Language Course – bridging Cantonese to Mandarin

10th Grade
Geometry in Cantonese
Language Course – AP Chinese Mandarin (if ready)


11th/12th Grade
Language Course – CCSF pathways that can add up to a college minor offered afternoons and weekends
Other Opportunities – potential internships using tri-lingual skills, study abroad/travel to China