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Media Arts Pathway

It's About Communication

Galileo’s Media Arts Pathway is about art and design. It’s also about using technology. But most of all it’s about Communication. These art classes are also CTE (Career-Tech Ed) classes, so there’s focus on Communication Challenges, as well as Problem Solving, Teamwork, Leadership, and Meeting Real-World Deadlines.


Workers and lifelong learners in the 21st century need to be able to communicate information, ideas, and opinions in a variety of media. They need to be savvy consumers and skilled producers of media.


THE CLASSES: Students can begin in either 10th or 11th grade.



The focus is on persuasive communication as students take on design challenges in Photoshop, Flash and Web Production. Students will create individual work and will also collaborate with teammates to create at least one large-scale website. At the end of the year each student will have a linked, web-based portfolio showing samples of their work, along with a resume and written reflections on their work, which can be used when applying for internships or schools.



This class has always been geared toward persuasive and informational video projects; the revised curriculum hones in on that to reinforce Core Curriculum standards for 11th and 12th grade students. Fall semester is an intensive “boot camp” with students working on eight different videos, a new video due every week or every second week. By the end of fall semester students will have learned from shared experiences and collaborative work and be ready for large-scale video projects during spring semester. Students also prepare video portfolios and profiles of themselves that can be used for internship or college applications.



Students who begin the pathway in 10th grade can take a second year of Advanced Video in which they are expected to produce at least one large-scale video production, delve deeper into cinema history and styles, and take on major responsibility for the school’s video communication needs. They also use this year to add and enhance portfolios and profiles they created in previous pathway classes.


Communication and Marketing is a college major employers are looking for. That’s a lot of what we do in Galileo’s Media Arts Pathway.

“The time has come when we must teach our children what no one knew yesterday and prepare our classrooms for what no one knows yet.”
–Margaret Mead