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Academies & Pathways

What is an Academy?

The academy system in the school is basically a school within a school.  In an academy, students attend several classes together, forming a tight sense of community.  When a student attends an academy program, they are not only getting their normal school credit requirements out of the way, they are also getting in depth into a specific profession.  So when a student applies in an academy, they can expect to have an extra elective class relating to their academy along with high school requirement courses.  These classes feature job training, drastically decreased class sizes, 1 on 1 attention by the instructor, as well as any other planned activities provided by the academy.  The academy also reserves seats at San Francisco City College.  These city college classes offer both High School and College credit to the student, typically making these classes more if not equal in value to the AP classes offered at Galileo.


Academy Benefits

  • Classes that only the academy offers to its students are available to those that apply
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Attending the same classes with the same classmates for several courses
  • One on One attention with the instructor
  • Summer internships will be provided
  • City College classes will be reserved for students in the academy

What is a Pathway?

Pathway students take a sequence of special-focus classes together, but are scheduled for their other classes independently.


Galileo offers (3) Pathways: